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Pork Chops on the Blackstone Griddle

Enjoying the beautiful day on the Blackstone griddle making up some Pork Chops. You can cook pork chops in the oven, stove, fryer, grill, smoker, but it comes out great on the griddle as well.

Season your pork chop with your favorite seasoning. Heat your griddle on Medium Heat. Place your pork chop on the flat top and let sear for 2 1/2 mins, flip and cook for another 2 1/2 mins. Check internal temperature of the pork chop, your goal is 145 degrees internally. If not 145, flip every 1 min until so. Let rest for 5 min and dig in that beautiful pork chop.

I do not like a dry or over cooked pork chop, you want a nice and juicy chop.


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