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Pastrami Sandwich



4 quarts of water = 16 cups

1 cup Course Kosher salt

1 tbsp pepper corn

1oz pack pickling spice (replace with 1 tbsp whole coriander and 1 tbsp mustard seeds)

3 crushed garlic cloves (Smashed with knife and pealed to release oils)

10 cloves

3 bay leaves

1 cinnamon stick

3 dried chilies

8 lb Brisket point

*Note: If you are doing 4lbs or less, reduce the ingredients in half.

Add 2 tbsp of Pink pickling salt for the pink results after cook.


3 tbsp Coriander

3 tbsp Course black pepper

Prepping and Cooking Instructions:

We need to make a brine; I tend to let the brisket point sit in the brine for 7 - 10 days.

Take 2 quarts of water in a pot and another 2 quarts in a jug. Place the jug of water in the freezer to chill.

In the meantime, place the pot of water over high heat. Add in all of the brine ingredients, bring to a boil and cook for 10 – 15 minutes once it begins boiling.

Turn off the heat, allow the brine mixture to come to room temperature.

Add the chilled water to the pot and mix well.

In a ziplock bag big enough to hold everything in. Insert your brisket point and add the brine in, covering the brisket. Seal good and place in a bowl or container to prevent any leakage.

The brisket will brine for 7 - 10 days, flip the bag on its other side every 2 days


Remove the brisket from the brine and rinse off any spices and water it may have under the kitchen sink.

Pat dry, then slather some mustard and season with the coriander rub.

In an oven or smoker at 350 degrees, place the brisket on the grate and let cook for 1 hr. After the first hour, check to see if the bark is set. Once the bark is set, check every 30 minutes and spritz with water.

You do not want to allow the bark to harden too much on you, we are cooking at high temperatures.

With a thermometer probe in the thickest part of the brisket, monitor the temp until 165 degrees. Once the brisket reaches 165 degrees internal temp, wrap with the method of your choosing.

Place back on the grill or oven and allow to cook until internal temp is 203 degrees.

Remove from grill or oven and let rest for 1 ½ to 3 hrs, depending how big your brisket is.

Slice your brisket and build your sandwiches of the condiments of your choosing.


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