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Mexican Pulled Pork Sandwich

Pulled pork sandwiches are great on a weekend cook. But when you add some Mexican flavors to it, it is such a change up. You get some bold and savory flavors that are tasty.


5 – 6 lbs country style ribs or cut pork shoulder

5 Guajillo chili pods

3 Serrano peppers

½ onion

1 orange

2 lime

1 can tomato sauce

4 cloves of garlic

1 tsp chopped bay leaves

1 tsp ground cumin

2 tsp oregano

2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

2 – 3 tsp kosher salt or to taste

Cooking Instructions:

We need to start with our marinade.

Take your Guajillo chili pods and Serrano peppers, boil them for about 20 minutes. Just until the chili pods are soft and pliable and where the serrano peppers are cooked. Allow that to come to room temperature.

Once the chili pods and water are cooled to room temperature, place all of your marinade ingredients into a blender.

Mix well and liquify the ingredients.

In 2 zip lock bags, separate the pork evenly. You want space for the marinade to coat the pork.

Distribute the marinade evenly between the 2 bags of pork.

Remove the air from the bags and seal as much as possible. Mix and spread the marinade throughout the pork in the bag.

When it comes to a marinade, I like to let it sit for at least overnight. If I can let it go for 48 hours, I will do so. The longer it sits, the better the marinade penetrates the meat. If you do not have the time, at least 4 hours. But I would plan this ahead and marinate the meat ahead of time.

In a grill or oven, set it to 350 or try to get your grill around that range. Cook the pork for about 1 hour, but that is just a check time.

You want the pork to get a nice color within that time and start to harden up. It can take an hour and half to achieve that. So always go by look and feel of how the exterior of the pork looks. Flip if needed to get even cooking on the other side around half of the initial cook time.

Once you have achieved a nice exterior, wrap in foil paper or an aluminum pan and cook for about 30 – 45 minutes until the pork is pull apart tender. Add about a half of cup of Coke, Apple juice, or orange juice to add some moisture and flavor. Roughly about 203 degrees and above is what you want these to hit internally.

Shred the pork and make your sandwich with your favorite toppings.


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