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Machaca con Huevos

Machaca con huevos is one of my favorite breakfasts. I can make a burrito and I am good for the morning. This meal is awesome in a burrito, but definitely can be put on a plate. It is such an easy recipe can make and I make it often.


1 lb shredded beef

2 roma tomatoes

½ bell pepper

¼ onion

1 tbsp minced garlic

6 egg

salt to taste

An easy recipe for refried beans:

Serve with a good salsa and refried beans.

For your machaca, you want to take your veggies and sautee them and get them soft.

Then add your shredded beef and season with salt to taste.

To add some moisture, add a couple of tbsp of beef broth

Add in you scrambled eggs and stir until the eggs solidify.

Heat up a flour tortilla

Add a little be of refried beans

Add some of the machaca with eggs

Serve with your favorite salsa and Enjoy!

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