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Mac and Cheese - Instant Pot Recipe

Mac and Cheese is a yummy side dish. This recipe is an easy recipe and does not take too much attention to make. Using the Instant Pot helps take this recipe to ease of just setting and forgetting it until the next process. Definitely helps out on not having to turn your oven on and heats up the kitchen.


1 lb of Pasta (Elbow or macaroni)

1 ½ lb’s of cheddar cheese

1 stick/ 8oz of butter

4 cups of water

About 1 cup of whole milk

2 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp cayenne pepper

Salt to taste

Cooking Instructions:

Add the water and salt to taste in the Instant Pot. Stir until the salt dissolves.

Add in the pasta and spread evenly where all the pasta is submerged under water.

Place the lid on the Instant Pot, set the vent to seal. Select pressure cook/Manual on high pressure for 4 minutes.

When cook time is done, do a rapid release.

Add the butter to melt and mix into the pasta.

Add a little bit of milk and set the instant pot to sauté on low.

As the instant pot heats up, begin adding in cheese little by little.

As the cheese melts, keep adding cheese.

If you need more milk, add as you need.

I used about a pound and half and a little more than a cup of milk to get the right consistency of the cheese sauce.

If your cream sauce is thick and creamy and begins to feel like you are getting a work out in your arm, it is good.

Top the mac and cheese with some cheese and place the air fryer lid on the instant pot.

Set to 350 for 10 minutes or until golden brown.

One thing on the Instant Pot Pro Crisp, the air fryer function preheats, when wants you to add the food. And halfway in the cook time, it will tell you to flip the food. For this recipe, just lift the lid and reseat on the Instant pot to continue cooking.

Once done, serve with your favorite Entrée and enjoy!

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