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Instant Pot Mexican Fried Rice

Mexican fried rice is a staple in our house hold. It is the most made side for our dishes. It is simple to make over the stove, but it is even easier to make in the instant pot. If you have issues with burning the bottom rice in your pot over the stove, use an instant pot. An instant pot will cook your rice perfectly. I found out fast how the instant pot can make a lot of rice for my food service with ease.


2 cups Long Grain Rice

1 8oz can of tomato sauce and enough water to fill a measuring cup to the 3 cup mark

1 tbsp of chicken bouillon for flavoring

Cooking oil for frying

Cooking Instructions:

First, set your instant pot to sauté on high

Once heated, add some oil to cover the bottom of the instant pot and as soon as oil heats up, add in the rice

Fry and brown the rice for about 5-6 minutes until you get a golden brown color.

Turn off the instant pot

In a measuring cup, add in the can of tomato sauce and then fill with water up to 3 cups

Pour into instant pot and cover with lid and set to seal

Set the instant pot to pressure cook for 3 mins and let cook

Once done, let the instant pot naturally release for 15 minutes then release pressure or good to serve

mix rice and enjoy!

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