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Homemade Corn Tortillas and Quesadillas

To me quesadillas are a quick and easy snack or meal. Personally, homemade quesadillas are best either corn or flour. You get a nice crispy tortilla and gooey inside from the melted cheese. Tortillas are a staple to Mexican food and I am sure you will enjoy this recipe.


2 cups instant corn flour

1/2 tsp salt

3 tbsp oil, lard or shortening

1 1/4 cup of water, reserve a bit more for dough kneading

Oaxaca or Monterey Jack Cheese shredded

Tortilla Press

Cooking Instructions:

Add salt to corn flour and mix well

Add oil and mix well with the flour

Add in water and knead for 5 minutes, add 1 tbsp of water as needed to make the consistency of play dough

Separate dough into golf ball size balls for 5-6 inch tortillas, tennis size for larger tortillas

Press the balls in a tortilla press as seen in the video

Using a cast iron griddle, set to medium heat. If you are using another type of griddle, set to medium high heat. Cast iron retains heat much more and only needs medium heat.

Cook each tortilla for 3 minutes flipping two times. On the last minute, smash with a spatula to allow the tortilla to puff.

Let rest in a tortilla holder with a cloth or paper towel.

Add the tortilla back on the griddle and add some cheese. Fold over and allow the cheese to melt, then flip once the cheese has melted to one side.

Crisp up the other side and let the cheese melt to that side and your quesadillas are done.


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