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Grilled Lobster Tails

Lobster tails is a special treat for me. When I make them, it is usually a special occasion. You really do not need much to make them, all you need is a nice seafood seasoning, lime/lemon and butter. The seasoning I used is Uncle Steve's Gator Shake, the moment I tried it I knew it would be great on seafood. Really talking about an easy recipe, this is just that. Do not let the easy fool you, these lobster tails were delicious.


4-5 Lobster Tails

Uncle Steve's Gator Shake or seafood seasoning of your choice

(Gator Shake tastes like a seasoned lemon pepper seasoning)

2 limes

1 stick of butter melted

Trim the pointy parts of the lobster shell and remove the bottom fins.

Using a sharp chef knife, place the point of the knife at the top of the tail fin, puncture and cut all the way down. Butterfly the tail to expose the meat.

Squeeze some lime on all sides of the lobster meat and season with Uncle Steve's Gator Shake.

Take your melted butter and add half a lime juice along with a couple sprinkles of Gator shake and mix well.

On the grill set to 350 degrees, place your lobster tails and allow to cook for 8 - 10 minutes or until the meat reaches 145 degrees internal temperature.

As it cooks, baste with the melted butter mixture and at the end a squeeze of lime.


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