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Frijoles (Mexican Pinto Beans)

Frijoles (Mexican Pinto Beans) is such an easy dish but it is a staple to Mexican cuisine. Frijoles can be used in many applications of Mexican food. Some great options are simply in a burrito with queso fresco, tostadas, and your favorite torta or as a side on a plate. When I make some fresh frijoles, I like to serve it with some fresh flour tortillas topped with some queso fresco and nice spicy salsa. If you want to learn how to make fresh flour tortillas watch this video

Frijoles recipe

2 lbs of pinto beans rinsed and cleaned

½ large onion chopped

1 garlic cut in half

1 jalapeno

2 tablespoons chicken bouillon

12 cups of water

You want to rinse and clean your beans in a strainer under some water. Remove any material that is not a bean. (Depends where you buy your beans) Once your beans are clean, place your beans in a bowl and fill and cover with warm water. Let your beans soak for 1 hour, you can leave longer if you prefer.

In a pot place in your water and bring up to temperature over medium heat. Add your jalapeno, garlic, onion and chicken bouillon.

Finally add your beans into the pot and cover. We are going to let this cook for 1 hour to 1 hour and half. After an hour, check your beans. You want them to be tender, if they have any firmness let them cook for a little longer.

Also note, when beans are freshly main, it is the best time smash to make refried beans. I have smash some beans when I make a pot.


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