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Chocolate Pudding Pie

This chocolate pudding pie is so easy and delicious. During Thanksgiving, it gets a little hectic and saving time is so helpful. This pie can be done the day before, since you want it cold. When it is time to eat, it is so yummy and any sweet tooth love it. Creamy whip cream and delicious chocolate pudding is a wonderful combination.

Chocolate Pudding Pie

1 pack of chocolate Jello 3/4 cups of milk

1 pie crust Whipping cream Chocolate bar for topping

Blind bake the pie crust weighted with 2 lbs. of beans or rice over parchment paper in a preheated oven at 400 degrees for 15 mins or until golden brown.

Allow the pie crust to cool over a rack.

In a pot over medium heat, add ¾ cup of whole milk.

Add 1 Jello Chocolate pudding cook and serve mix and continuously stir.

As the pudding and milk begin to heat up, the mixture will thicken up.

Stir the bottom to prevent burning.

Cook until it begins to boil and the pudding is nice and thick.

Add the pudding into the pie crust and let it cool to room temperature. Then place in fridge for 1 -2 hours to chill.

Fill the remaining of the pie with whipped cream and shave some chocolate on top.

Serve and enjoy!

Optional: If you want a full chocolate pie, do 2 packs of Chocolate Jello pudding along with double the milk and it will fill up the whole pie crust.

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