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BBQ Chicken Quarters

Today we are cooking up some lip smackin' BBQ Chicken on our 22 inch Weber Kettle grill. There is nothing better than some peace and quiet in the backyard grilling up some food. Now the key to a good flavored chicken is a good rub. There are many rubs on the market, so pick you up a good bottle of some great tasting rub. Give your chicken a good seasoning of that BBQ rub and let it sit for at least a couple of hours. BBQ is easy, you can use propane or charcoal to cook your food. But today we are enhancing the flavors by adding some flavored smoke to it. Now the key to cooking good BBQ is indirect heat, meaning don't put your food right on top of the flame. Let your cook just do it's thing and allow the food to come to temperature.

For chicken quarters, I like to let them cook to an internal temp of 175 - 190 degrees. Once it hits this temp, you should have a crispy skin exterior with a juice fully cook meat on the inside. Finish it off with your favorite BBQ sauce or just like that. Both are good either way!

Also, if you want to learn the fundamentals of making your own homemade BBQ seasonings, watch this here:

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