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Air Fryer Rib Eye Steaks

In my experience with Air Frying on the Nuwave Brio 10 quart, the air fryer needs a good amount of time to crisp up meat. At least 18 - 20 mins will give any piece of meat a good color. In this recipe I cooked two USDA Prime bone in Rib Eye Steaks with different results. I placed the steaks in the freezer to get a low temperature to allow more cook time on the steaks. It came out perfectly on both, but I was fully satisfied with the second steak cook. Which I will sharing that recipe with you. The steak was a perfect medium and was really juicy.

I seasoned the steaks with my go to blend of 1 tbsp Kosher salt, 1 tbsp Course black pepper and 1/2 of granulated garlic. Drizzle some olive oil on each side of the steak and give a liberal coating of your seasoning blend.

Place your steak in the freezer until your steak reads 41 degree Fahrenheit. Having the internal steak really cold will allow you to have more cook time, which in this cook the results were great.

Once the steak has been chilled for the desired temp, preheat your air fryer to 400 degrees F and set the cook time for 20 mins. Once preheated place the steaks in the air fryer and let cook for 10 mins then flip. I was going for a Medium doneness, if you would like a little more cooked, cook for another 5 mins. It should reach well done in that time.

Overall both steaks in this experiment came out great, I was more satisfied with the second one. I hope you enjoy it and happy air frying!

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