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Air Fryer Cheese Burger

The air fryer is an awesome kitchen gadget and can cook a lot of things. I have fun when I use my air fryer, because I like to push its limits. I honestly treat it like a small oven or convection oven. Once I had started doing so, cooking with it has been fun and easy. Cooking burgers on the air fryer is easy to do, and it renders down a lot of the fat if your looking to be health conscious. These stuffed burgers are a great recipe to add into your air frying arsenal.

Use 80/20 blend ground beef and form 4 oz meatballs. Take a burger press and press the meatball on the indented side to create a cup. Fill with your favorite ingredients and cheese. Place other press patty on top and seal. Season each side of the patties with Salt, Black Pepper and Garlic powder.

Preheat your air fryer to 380 degrees and set the cook time to 18 minutes. Place your patties in the air fryer and let cook for 9 mins. After 9 mins, flip the patties to allow even cooking. After time is done, make sure the internal temperature is 155 degrees.

Serve on your favorite bun and ingredients.


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